Sunday, April 15, 2012

Butter Coffee!!

This has been well popularized already by Dave Asprey. I've also talked about it a good bit on the ZC forums on facebook.

So, butter coffee-- I use it when I wake up really early but don't plan to run for a few hours. Especially if I'm really hungry when I wake up, and it's like pulling teeth trying not to eat a pound of raw beef  (yum!)

- grass fed butter from a ruminant of your choice (cow? goat? sheep?)
- coffee (dave would say "mycotoxin free"-- I say, whatever you like)
- OPTIONAL: blender or emersion blender
- non-carnivore additions: coconut, stevia

many people prefer their butter coffee very buttery. I don't. I like just enough to taste it, which is about a tsp. so take a tsp of butter and put it in a cup. Now make really hot coffee. Pour it over the butter and stir with a fork. if it gets cold from the stirring, nuke it for 15-20 seconds-- it will heat up fast because of the butter.

if you want extra fun, instead of using the fork, use an emersion or regular blender to make it all frothy. it's downright insanely good this way.  you will have to nuke after the frothing, though, because it gets cold.

if you have a non-carnivore around, add more butter, perhaps some coconut oil, and stevia. this makes the delightfulness increase (i have heard) plus you can play "starbucks barista" with the stevia flavors. I suppose you could use toranis or something, too, but i think those taste like eating cellulose... oh wait, that's what they are.

It's not really important the picture because it just looks like coffee.

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