Thursday, April 19, 2012

Liver Cake

Finished product! Doesn't look great but it tastes good!
Hi everyone. I've been nervous to post this for a while because it sounds and looks gross, but I love to make LIVER CAKE-- essentially, when you microwave chicken livers following blending, you get a really nice "loaf" of liver "cake" that you can eat topped with eggs, butter, whatever you desire (I like head cheese on mine).
Chicken livers in the freezer

1 lb of chicken livers, frozen
optional: spices if you want a flavored one
a blender
a microwave
a tupperware shaped like a loaf

1 lb frozen chicken livers after minimal defrost

first, defrost the livers enough to be seperable from one another-- this takes about 3 minutes on lo

then, remove the liver from the container and put in the blender. blend until completely liquified

chicken livers in the blender

Chicken livers in the tupperware
then, pour the livers in the loaf shaped tuperware

microwave for 3 minutes on high with the top on but not sealed. open the lid and allow to breathe for a minute. repeat process 2-3 times depending on your microwave strength.

split into portions appropriate for your diet. it makes 2 meals for me (these meals also contain other stuff).

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