Monday, April 16, 2012

Steaks on the smoker

Well, I had some top sirloin steak and some shank steak in the freezer. And I had some ground beef (yummy!) and some catfish as well. Moving into low palatability mode means I'd like to reduce the amount of very high taste foods, which includes to some extent steaks for me, in my diet. I can certainly cook a good steak, but it would be nice to associate steak with "treat" and get a REALLY GOOD EXPENSIVE NICE CUT OF MEAT steak from a restaurant rather than get a moderate cut of meat that can only impart moderately good flavor and cook it myself. I find that fish, chicken, and ground beef taste just about as good at home on the grill as anywhere, particularly catfish, so my future diet will probably be a combo of catfish, ground beef, and chicken. That being said, these were pretty damn appetizing.

Prior to cooking the rear side

After cooking the rear side (L to R: ground sirloin, shank, top sirloin, sausages at top, catfish on the maple plank beneath)

Smoked sirloin and sausages, panoramic view.

- any type of beef you like
- a smoker

get all the beef out and defrost it. Mine was not frozen but chilly-- it had been frozen and sat in the fridge for a day or so prior to this. It was cold enough to be resilient but not cold enough that I couldn't manipulate it.
put the beef on the smoker. i put mine on the top rack with the maple plank on the rack below it and coals and a piece of maple wood i found in the forest on the bottom. wait about 1.5 hours. chill with the smoker and marvel that it was 25 degrees this morning and now it's 75, what the hell? google ancient germanic people. find out that your ancestors diet was estimated to be 80 percent smoked meat from small game and most of the rest fish. ROCK ON. flip the meat.
wait another 1.5 hours. make fun of the husband for working on sunday. watch some BET even though you aren't of the right ethnic group. smile big.
remove meat from smoker. either eat immediately or portion to the fridge. smile some more.

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