Monday, April 9, 2012


Thymus is a great organ. I can't find it very often in stores. I ordered this one from City Mart back in Portland and went to pick it up. It is a veal thymus.

Thymus is otherwise known as "Sweetbreads". It has a very interesting texture, the exterior is rather membraneous but the interior is soft, like very well cooked scrambled eggs that you'd get at a restaurant, or like cottage cheese. I think it tastes a little like cottage cheese, too.

Here's my cooking thymus, along with a chicken liver.

- veal thymus (pictured is about 0.5 lb raw)
- chicken liver (optional)
- a nonstick pan
- butter (optional)

- remove thymus from package, defrost if necessary
- start cooking the liver or butter real slow. you want the liver to "ooze" a little juice for the purpose of preventing stick, or the butter to get spreadable.
- put the now defrosted thymus in the pan. if it is fatter than about an inch, splice it in half "hotdog style" so you get more surface area. cover it with something (I often use a potholder to keep the moisture in but not burn my lids)
- wait until your house smells like the fire department should come. seriously, if you think "oh, I'll burn it", wait a minute or two more. trust me the carbon on the outside is GREAT.
- flip that baby over. cook it on the other side for about half as much time.

enjoy eating the thymus.
google what the thymus does while eating. have lols.

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