Monday, April 9, 2012

Spiral Sausage!

I went to the King Kullen (also known as "they have a lot of Kosher stuff there market") to find some cheap eats for my husband. Lo, there was this sausage for $2.50. It is a pesto and chicken sausage, homemade by someone on long island. The ingredients did not include sodium I-don't-know-what-that-word-means anything, so I counted it as a win. I brought it home to the smoker!

Here's my baby sitting on the smoker!

And a few hours later, I moved Mr. Spiral Deliciousness to the plate

How to make a smoked spiral sausage:

a spiral sausage
a smoker

take sausage out of package.
plug in smoker. (or set up your coals if your apartment lets you)
place the sausage on the highest smoker rack (you don't want it to burn and it's pretty fatty).
cover it. DON'T OPEN IT.
leave it for 3 hours.
removed carefully with tongs so the sausage doesn't break.

I served it to the husband with beans and broccoli, since he got carbs in this meal. I don't eat beans myself but if you're going to have carbs, I feel like beans aren't really all that troublesome compared to other choices you might make!

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